Weller dismissive of band reunions

Paul Weller fans nursing hopes of a Jam or Style Council reunion will be disappointed. Weller poured scorn on band reunions, dismissing them as fuelled by nostalgia and financial considerations.

"It drives me potty to be honest," he told The Mirror, "and I am sick of seeing it. It is big business at the moment and I find it really disappointing and I think about all the time that is spent on bands reforming and nostalgia. What about the new bands, or young bands, coming in which don't get a look in?"

Weller’s solo career is enjoying one of its periods of critical acclaim and the singer seems revitalised. His recent solo album Sonik Kicks reached number one in the UK charts. He thinks that reforming a band is an indication of creative atrophy.

"I don't know what the reason is,” he said. "Why is it so prevalent? Is it because people stick to what they know or what they are comfortable or safe with? But I think I come from a time when all the artists I grew up with and I loved always used to try and push the boundaries and there doesn’t seem so much of that really. It is the same sort of thing, and I find it disappointing."

Relations between Weller and former Jam associates Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler have been strained in the past. Although the antipathy has abated, it is apparent that there is no chance that Weller will ever be tempted to reform the three-piece that dominated British music in the late 70s and early 80s.

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