Weller & Foxton: back together

Paul Weller has revealed that he has reunited with his former bass player Bruce Foxton, saying that his old bandmate (in The Jam) shows up on two new songs on Weller’s latest album Wake Up the Nation, which is due for release in April. It’s a historic reunion for anyone who followed the band during the post-punk mod revival, as their split was particularly fractious, essentially making Foxton redundant just as they looked ready to conquer the world.

However, the pair of them lost loved ones recently and the trauma helped bring them back together creatively for the first time since the band broke up in the early 1980s. The album also contains a collaboration with Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine.

‘It came about because we had both lost loved ones last year,’ Weller explained to the NME. ‘He lost his wife at the early part of the year, and I lost my dad, and it opened up a bit of a dialogue, and it seemed like a nice thing to do at the time. In fact it was a wonderful thing.’

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