Weller is Mr Clean-Living

The rock 'n' roll lifestyle is no longer part of rock 'n' roll it seems. Just as we come to terms with the news that Sir Paul McCartney has given up smoking weed, the king of Dad rock, Paul Weller, has revealed that he is now teetotal.

"I stopped drinking about 16 months ago," Weller told The Times. "Time for a lifestyle change. I couldn't keep doing it. It was killing me."

"I miss the silliness," he continued, although you would run through a long list of pop stars before you cited the earnest Weller as an example of rock’s craziness. "I'm not one of those people who can just have a couple of drinks. If it's two, it might as well be 20. If it's 20, it might as well be 40. I think I'm an alcoholic, definitely. Yeah. I would have thought so. It's hard to know where a p***head becomes an alkie. Fine line. But yeah, I think so."

The clean-up seems to have coincided with a revival in Weller’s career. His last album was greeted with some of the most glowing reviews of his career, and there is eager anticipation for his new record, Sonik Kicks, released on March 26. It features guest appearances from Britpop guitarists Noel Gallagher and Graham Coxon. Despite that, Weller promises a record that treads new ground sonically.

Weller is showcasing the album by playing it in full at 5 London concerts at the Roundhouse on consecutive nights from March 18.

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