Weller never

Bands are nothing short of lazy these days. Fact! While the veterans of the 60’s churned out 3 albums a year for a decade (and all killer no filler) bands like The Strokes* take 5 years to curl out a turd, sorry, 4th album. Obviously the main reason for this is money. Why bother crafting songs only for them to be illegally downloaded, when the money is made in live gigs? Anyway I digress.

After getting a justified Mercury nomination for last year’s ‘Wake Up The Nation’, Paul Weller isn’t taking it easy, quite the opposite. He’s confirmed that a follow-up has already been finished and could see the light of day this year.

Talking Xfm about the new longplayer he said; ‘There's elements of 'Wake Up The Nation' in the sound, but it's moved on again I think. There's a few avant-garde moments, shall I say, some sort of soundscape tracks as well and some pop sounding things as well. It's a mix, really. Just good tunes.’

*For the record we love The Strokes and could have chosen one of many bands as an example.

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