Weller's back

Paul Weller has spoken about his latest record, Wake Up The Nation on the rather excellent music site The Quietus, and as such we feel duty bound to let you know that not only is the record a true example of a musician spreading his wings and trying new stuff, the interview is good reading as well. In it Weller comes across as a man consumed with the business of listening to and making music, so read it, here, or look at these tasty bite-sized chunks. First up, why Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine was invited to play on the record.

‘I think it was through my eldest daughter that gave me some of their stuff and I'd seen him about but I guess I knew his playing and style more through Primal Scream which I really liked - a dissonant wall-of-noise sound.

‘Maybe my head's in a different place from where it was few years ago, I dunno. But I've opened up to so many forms of music and I think the older I've got the more open-minded I've become. I just wanna hear everything these days because there's so little time and I just wanna hear as much as I can really.’

The new record also sees Weller reunited with former Jam bassist Bruce Foxton, but he insists that The Jam will never reform, so stop bloody well asking him about it, you lazy bleddin’ journos. However the passing of his dad and Foxton's wife brought them back together, and eventually got them recording again.

‘For me – and I can't speak for Bruce, obviously – I suppose I just I think that I have to carry on to do bigger and greater things really because that's what my old man would've wanted me to do. But I don't know if it (the bereavement) had any bearing on the new record. A lot of people have thought that I might have written him a song on the new album but I didn't because I think that it'd be a too obvious thing to do really. And if I was going to write something for him it'd be something celebratory like a drinking song or something.

‘I think getting to 50 a few years ago has something to do with it; that was quite monumental. You know, I'm half a century now! But more than anything is how quickly it's all gone – it's like the blink of an eye, it really is. I suppose that if anything, that makes you think, You'd better get your finger out, son. I've to crack on because time it short so if mortality does anything at all it makes me want to work as much as possible.’

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