Weller's twin joy

Paul Weller announced that he and his wife Hannah have new twin baby boys. They have been named John Paul and Bowie (although Weller has never previously announced a devotion to the Ziggy Stardust artist).

A statement on Weller’s website announced that "Both boys are healthy and doing well following the birth, and Paul and Hannah are thrilled and over the moon. Paul would like to thank his fans for all their well wishes over the last few months."

Being a daddy is not going to be too much of a novelty. The 53 year-old singer already has five children, with eldest son Natt already showing some musical inclinations. The ex-Jam man now has the makings of a complete touring band for those Weller family shows in the 2030s.

As well as his new-found family happiness, Weller’s career is enjoying a critical resurgence after 2010’s return to form album Wake Up The Nation. His new album Sonik Kicks will be released on 26 March and reportedly continues Weller’s enthusiasm for exploring new musical territory.

Weller claims the album is "quite experimental in places. I don’t think there’s anything else around that sounds like it. It’s quite unique sounding, personally. Groundbreaking maybe, possibly. For me it is."

He describes the record as very "electronic-sounding". Although it also features contributions from a couple of traditional Britpop guitarists, Noel Gallagher and Graham Coxon.

Fans who are impatient for the release date can hear a taster from the album on his website, a track called Around The Lake.

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