We’re Back!

Having sold over 2m copies of their debut album ‘We Started Nothing’, it’s fair to say there were many eager ears waiting for some new stuff from The Tings Tings. In October last year, the lead single 'Hands' from their still-to-be-released 2nd album dropped, and although it was as poptastic as their previous tunes it managed to only chart at a lowly #29.

Since then the duo have gone off the radar, but they’re back. Today (May 31) The Tings confirmed they will be returning for a one-off UK festival date this summer. The pair will play the Jersey Live Festival alongside the likes of Plan B, The Rapture, Madness, The Streets, Cage The Elephant and Katy B.

For further details and ticket information go to Jerseylive.org.uk.

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