Westlife go 'urban'?

As kings of the sickly sweet cover version, Westlife should know that their turf is singing old songs that your mum liked, repackaged by four blokes dressed black, all standing on a cliff. They’ve done pretty well out of that, so why try and change direction now, over a decade since they first started?

Apparently that’s what they want to do, with band member Kian Egan wanting to do a track with one of the UK’s rising ‘urban’ stars. That’s code for ‘black’ by the way. Egan thinks it might be a good way to gain exposure to new audiences for them and whoever they pair up with. We can’t see Westlife fans lining up to buy hip-hop records because of one track, but you can but dream, eh?

‘I like the idea of doing something with someone urban,’ he told The Sun. ‘Like if you take that Tinie (Tempah) song 'Written In The Stars', that could be very much a Westlife chorus, with him doing the rap. It would bring both of us to a different audience.’

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