Westwood defends Kanye

Social commentator Tim Westwood has stepped in to defend Kanye West’s bizarre rant at Taylor Swift winning best video award at the MTV VMAs the other week. Instead of being an egotistical maniac who wants his opinion to be heard on every matter says the Big Dog, he was highlighting the racial divide.

‘To be honest, I think it highlighted the racial divide (see? – Ed),’ he said to Digital Spy. ‘What he did was some ignorant street s**t and there's her, this 19-year-old white girl.

‘I love him for doing it, but he chose the wrong victim. He should have done it when there was some rock band or guy up there. He chose the wrong person to go up against. He was going to lose that battle. The fact that she just cried destroyed him.

‘I think with him, he has demons and he entertains them in public. He wasn't even up for an award but everyone talked about him.’ Do you not think that’s why he did it, Westwood?

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