What? Liam Gallagher likes The Beatles? No?

Not satisfied with emulating his idol John Lennon with a haircut, his singing style and his music Liam Gallagheris now developing a movie about his heroes The Beatles with the finer details set to be announced at this week’s Cannes Film Festival.

According to newswires Liam G has bought the rights to The Beatles book 'The Longest Cocktail Party: An Insider's Diary Of The Beatles, Their Million Dollar Apple Empire And Its Wild Rise And Fall' written by Richard DiLello and wants to turn it into a big screen masterpiece. The book has been described as their ‘house hippy’ memoirs and tells the story of what it was like to be work with the legendary band between in 1967 and their break up in 1970.

In other Oasis news their original drummer Tony McCarroll has announced he is to release a book about his time in the band, reveal why he was sacked in 1995 and any other juicy goss he’s willing to share. Arguably Oasis worst drummer he certainly has a talent for coming up with book titles... 'Oasis: The Truth, the Noel Truth, is Nothing Like the Truth' is released in 4th October.

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