What the El!

Elton John livened up an interview with Chris Evans on Radio 2 yesterday, saying the f-word on the Breakfast Show. What prompted Elton to use the profanity was harmless old Jools Holland, and his morning antics. Apparently Holland likes nothing more than to arise, and move straight to his piano, where he tinkles away for hours at a time. On hearing this, John said 'F***ing hell.'

Elton immediately realised his faux pas and apologised,'I'm really, really sorry that I said that naughty word, but I can't believe that anyone would want to get up and first thing in the morning play the piano.' Well quite.

When not dropping the F bomb, Elton found time to inform the world that he's currently working on a biopic of his life. Says Elt, 'It'll be more Moulin Rouge! and less like the Tina Turner movie. My life has been quite bizarre... music, a football club...' Yes, riveting stuff. There'd better be a little more drama than that if you want us to watch, EJ.

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