What Wall-ies

What is with with old musicians? In their time they were progressive geniuses, now they stand on the shores of technological progress, yelling 'stop,' like King Canute. (Look him up.)

Prog rockers Pick Floyd have form at luddite curmudgeonliness. Last year they went to court to ban iTunes and other digital music stores from selling their albums as individual tracks. Now, though, it seems even that isn't enough. The Wall, Animals, Wish You Were Here and The Final Cut have all disappeared from iTunes and Amazon's digital download store completely.

Apparently it all stems from The Floyd's long-running dispute with their record company, EMI. After years of acrimony, the band have managed to escape from their contract with EMI and are looking for a new company to handle the licensing of their music - but in the meantime, the albums EMI has relinquished the rights to will exist in digital limbo.

What a bunch of Crazy Diamonds those Floyd-ers are. (Look it up.)

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