What's the story?

Decrepit old Oasis fans like ourselves will probably be the only ones who can remember original drummer Tony McCarroll, famously slung out of the band by Noel Gallagher because he wasn’t good enough to drum on the band’s second album 'What’s The Story Morning Glory?'. We thought he had been consigned to the bargain basket of musical history, but it turns out he’s been rummaging around in there and found enough material for a book.

It should of course come as no surprise that McCarroll’s book, called Oasis: The Truth, is about his time in the band, and he apparently wants to set the record straight. About what we’re not entirely sure, mind you. We’ll just have to wait until 20 November, when it comes out, won’t we?

‘There's a lot of things I need to put right,’ McCarroll said. ‘There is another side to the Oasis story which I think needs to be appreciated. Maybe even get other band members recognised for once. It wasn't all about one person.

‘I'm going up against a bloody global brand. I'm doing this for me, at the end of the day. It's my little opinion, and I'm speaking for the little man.’ How exactly?

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