When are the Sugababes not the Sugababes?

Keisha Buchanan has quit the all girl pop group Sugababes and been replaced by Eurovision contestant Jade Ewen. While the band has seen numerous lineup changes since its formation back in 1998, Keisha was the only original member of the group left.

With the Sugababes now consisting of effectively three substitutes the latest lineup change is a classic example of Theseus' Paradox, i.e. is an object which has had all its component parts replaced fundamentally the same object?

Not that tweenagers seem to care; the Sugababes appear to be an indestructible brand and their enduring success in the Top 30 has yet to be affected by repeated changes in personal. It's not the first time that a band has shed all of its original members and continued to enjoy success.

The Puerto Rican boy band Menudo had a policy of dispensing with band members when thet turned 16 and enjoyed over 30-years of success. Who knows, your great-grand kids could be listening to the latest edition of the Sugababes in one-hundred years time.

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