When Dizzee got stabbed

Dizzee Rascal has spoken about the time he got stabbed during a fight in Ayia Napa - an incident that led to a rift between him and his musical father Wylie, and has said it was his own fault for not running away when he had the chance. Rasket got involved in a fight while he was on the island in 2003 and ended up wired to a drip in hospital after suffering internal bleeding in his chest. Unsurprisingly it doesn’t sound much like fun.

‘It was all in slow motion. It was partly my fault. I got off my bike doing the bravery thing when I should have just sped off. But I don't like to walk away,’ he said to The Daily Star. ‘I don't like to be picked on. Growing up where I did you learn to fight.

‘Getting stabbed, it's not glamorous. It was a bad time. I had internal bleeding in my chest so I was coughing up blood all the time, I was on a drip that was getting on my nerves. ‘I didn't want to make a meal of getting stabbed. And 50 Cent had already done it. I didn't want to compete with getting shot nine times.’

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