When Kylie met One Direction

Perky pop puppets past and present met at 35,000 feet on a flight from Los Angeles to London. Teenage boy band One Direction were reportedly delighted to run into Kylie Minogue in a first-class cabin. It’s not known whether they had to text her picture to their mums first to establish who she was.

The Sun had a source on the plane of course, who told the paper: "Kylie was in First Class and had to pass the lads as she turned left to take her posh seat. They were starstruck when they plucked up the courage to say hello."

Kylie was her usual friendly self. "She was lovely to the boys and wished them all the success with their career. She told them she was a fan." Somebody needs to tell her that, once a girl passes her fifteenth birthday, it’s probably not wise to maintain a crush on One Direction. The Australian singer is going back on tour in 2012 to mark 25 years in the business, so probably wants to keep her finger on the pulse of popular music.

On the flight, the One Direction boys were celebrating the 18th birthday of Harry Styles. The cabin crew (or PR assistants, you decide) had checked the birth dates on the passports and had arranged a little surprise party.

Unsurprisingly the celebrations were a sedate affair. US law prohibits serving alcohol to anyone under 21, so the clean-cut kids had to gaze wistfully at the in-flight maps, waiting until they were safely in mid-Atlantic before they could crack open the champagne.

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