Where was Amy's record company?

It's rare that you'll feel any warmth or compassion coming from sleazy showbiz hack turned millionaire Piers Morgan: most of the time he's on American telly, interviewing semi-famous no-marks in a style so pompous you'd think he was extracting revelations of a plot to assassinate Barack Obama. A big, self-important boil on the face of TV, but compassionate? Never.

So it's come as something of a shock to hear him rage about the death of Amy Winehouse, and place the blame for her demise on the people who worked with her and the record label. Morgan's brother-in-law worked as part of her touring band, so he could just be upset that he's lost a regular gig, but in fairness to the old gossip hound, he really does seem to be enraged at the lack of attention paid to her by those who were supposed to have been looking after her.

'I do blame people,' he said to Access Hollywood. 'Where were all the people making money out of her when it mattered? Really, where were they?' he said. 'You know, it's just not good enough and they're all going to make millions out of it now she's dead. You know, the album Back to Black is number one… but people let her down.

'I kind of (know) the travails of her career of the last few years - not turning up to concerts… and it's just really sad. What else do you say? I mean, she joined this terrible '27 Club'. There will be people out there that think it's cool. It's not. This kid was this big with the most incredible talent we've seen in Britain for 25 years.'

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