Whiley you were gone

Jo Whiley yesterday left the Radio 1 studios for the last time (well, unless she pops into the staff canteen, or something) having worked at the station for 17 years. The presenter is due to begin her pensionable years at Radio 2 next week. Her last show was a star studded extravaganza, with Bono and Coldplay paying tribute to Whiley.

Jo told her Radio 1 listeners, 'The boss Andy Parfitt gave me a speech and made me cry this morning. Thanks for the messages. To be part of people’s lives is all you can ask for as a DJ.' Later on in the show, none other than U2's chief tax dodger and lead singer, Bono called the show, and told Whiley, 'You should be carried around the BBC in a chair with people throwing flowers at your feet.'

Coldplay performed a version of East 17's weepy, 'Stay Another Day', cleverly inserting Jo Whiley into the lyrics. Those celebs eh? They're a laff a minute...

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