Who shot Wyclef Jean?

Wyclef Jean has said he knows not who shot him in the hand in Haiti on Sataurday.

And the puzzled rapper admitted he didn’t even initially notice he’d been shot after the incident in the city of Delmas on Saturday (March 19).

’I got out of the car and heard gunfire,’ he told The Daily Star. ‘The next day I noticed there was blood on my shirt and speakers. I have no idea who fired the rounds or whether they were shooting at me.’

The shooting happened in the run up to general elections in the country. Wyclef had attempted to run for President himself, but his efforts were thwarted as hed not spent enough time living in Haiti during the run-up to elections.

A spokesperson Tweeted on his behalf (being shot in the hand limiting somewhat one’s ability to Tweet): ‘He is OK. Thank you for you thoughts and prayers.’

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