Will Young: my phone was hacked

Of all the characters whose phone you could hack, Will Young would have to be the worst choice in the world of pop: Sure he's homosexual, and that might outrage some, but he's hardly the sort who you'd find down 'bear' pubs, beasting other like-minded, hairy men. No, the poor journo tasked with trying to get some dirt on Young will have led a very lonely existence.

Still, it did happen, and Young even knew about it: he revealed today that some tabloid hack or other had been tapping into his phone messages early on in his career, and he's not even bothered about it. That's how mild-mannered he is.

'I have been hacked; it's a bit like a who's who - I was getting a bit disappointed that I wasn't hacked to be honest!' he joked. 'Everyone's been hacked - it's the new accessory.

'It was very early on, I think. I kind of knew it was going on anyway. I wasn't that stressed about it. Nothing came out of it - I think the guy was really bored. I think he must have thought, 'this guy is so un-rock and roll!'. I was probably chatting to my friend about The Antiques Roadshow.'

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