Will Young & Simon Cowell make best friends again

Madonna and Guy Ritchie might be in the middle of a verbal bloodbath, but at least there's one unlikely couple in pop who have buried the hatchet - Will Young and Simon Cowell.

Will stopped speaking to pop's Mr Nasty after the vertically challenged svengali branded him 'distinctly average' 6 years ago on Pop Idol and gave a recording contract to runner up Gareth Gates instead of Will. At the time Young also had big beef with resident slimeball Louis Walsh and was quoted as saying “I just don’t think he’s a very clever person.”

Well now Will's come to his senses and realised that navigating his small ship through the choppy waters of middle of the road soul/pop is pretty perilous without the backing of the reality big guns who made him. As such he's agreed to perform in front of Cowell on the X Factor in order to promote his new album - Let It Go.

Will's 6 year campaign of silence against Cowell was a noble effort, and it's a shame he caved in now, but it was never really going to happen. No matter how 'different' you try to be with your looks and voice, once a pre packaged, reality star, always a pre packaged reality star. We think Will's done the right thing going back cap in hand, what do you think?

Check out Will's first ever audition on Pop Idol. A pleasant cheddar as opposed to a stinky Stilton, but he was lucky to have ever scraped through with those moves.

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