Will.I.Am says Queen is just like his Gran

Will.I.Am’s campaign to become part of the British establishment continues to gather momentum. After winning over the public with his eccentric judging traits on The Voice, the former Black Eyed Peas member was seen carrying the Olympic torch for a stage during its progress round the UK. Now he has expressed his admiration for the Queen.

"She reminds me of my grandma," he told The Guardian. "I was like: 'Wow, that's how my grandma is!' Elegant, classy and the way she wore her hat … even her clothes are like my grandma's clothes! She's the leader of the family, you know, and when Prince Charles called her Mummy or Mumsy I was like: 'Wow!'"

As you would, hearing a man in his 60s using the word "Mumsy". He rather spoils it by saying that meeting the Queen was akin to a previous collaboration with a notorious crack addict. "It's the same as when I was working with Whitney Houston. She reminded me of my mom, just how graceful and polite she was. I told Whitney this. I called up and said: 'Ma, get your butt down to my house this minute! Whitney Houston wants to see you so she can see your personality!' She loved Whitney."

Enough of respecting your elders Will, what about the new album? Ever the modernist, his new album has a hashtag in the title. "#willpower to me isn't an album, it's a conversation around optimism," he said, although it should be noted that it is still available as a CD and download. "It's a conversation I have with people who respect my perspective."

The Queen is probably grabbing it on iTunes right now.

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