Williams: “I’m playing Glastonbury”

With tickets for next year's Glastonbury Festival all snapped up by hungry hippies in a record breaking 12 hours last week, bookies have been quick to reveal The Rolling Stones, Muse and Coldplay as favourites to headline the famous Pyramid stage.

Of course Glasto founder and all round good egg Michael Eavis doesn’t like to disclose any of the acts who are playing on his farm until a couple weeks before (spoilsport), but clearly someone forgot to send that memo to Andy Williams. Talking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival the legendary crooner confirmed himself as guesting next year (Sunday afternoon hangover anyone???).

Just imagine 100,000 of the great unwashed singing their little hearts out to...”I LOVE YOU BABY, AND IF IT’S QUITE ALRIGHT, I LOVE YOU BABY.....”

Glastonbury celebrates its 40th year on the 23-27th June 2010.

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