Wine-o has a whine at Ronson

They were a musical marriage made in heaven: Mark Ronson's perfect swing-meets-acid jazz style and skills at producing and Amy Winehouse's drawling, smoky, blues-esque vocals. If only such collabo relationships didn't end in back-stabbing and the use of that most deadly tool of smear campaigns: the Tweet.

Since Ronson appeared on 'Later...with Jools Holland' apparently taking credit for creating the tracks on Amy's 'Back to Black' album by adapting Winehouse's vocal demos for the tracks, Amy has bitten back, claiming that Ronson has been riding her coat-tails, NME informs us.

Using the social networking site Twitter, Amy wrote: 'Ronson you're dead to me; one album I write and you take half the credit – make a career out of it? Don’t think so BRUV'.

Winehouse, who hasn't worked with Ronson since the aponymous 'Back to Black' album, is due to release her latest venture in January next year, having worked with producer Salaam Remi.

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