There are some incredible perks you get with being a world renowned rock star; one of them is being able to blag a couple of tickets to the World Cup final, and the other is being able to see Carlos Tevez’s tackle. No? Just us?

According to a report in The Sun, Noel Gallagher got a free eyeful of Carlos Tevez’s meat and two veg after the former Oasis chief was invited into the Argentine’s dressing room after a World Cup match. If you have any doubts that this story isn’t a load of old balls, the article carries a water tight quote from Tevez himself: ‘I went outside with everything out to look for a towel - and in front of me was Gallagher. So I went to greet him, naked.’

Noely G hasn’t been shy about his love for Manchester City's star striker in the past. So much so that he said he was going to name his inkling baby Carlos.

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