World Music Awards have happened, apparently

The World Music Awards have happened and we bet you can’t guess who’s picked up the legend gong for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Arts’? We’ll put you out of your misery...it was Jenny from the block AKA Jenny Lopez. Of course.

Deceivingly, the title World Music Awards suggest a modicum of credibility, drawn from all types of music no matter the genre. But no - they’re just another back slapping awards do for gong hand outs to the most famous and who can be bovvered to turn up. This years event to place in the tax dodging French principality of Monaco and was opened with a cheese-tastic medley from Ms Lopez.<.p>

Lady Gaga won every other award going. And no, we're not jealous we weren't invited to Monaco to cover it. Well, just a bit, actually a lot.

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