World’s first SUPER super-group?

Over the decades there have been many a super-group, but history dictates that they are all utter utter rubbish. And don’t you dare say ‘what about Them Crooked Vultures or The Travelling Wilburys?’ because 1) each component in those bands was already in a better band beforehand, and 2) we don’t tolerate liars around here. But maybe, just maybe there could be a super-group that lives up to its name and really is SUPER.

Mt. Desolation are made up of members of The Killers, Keane, Mumford & Sons and Noah And The Whale. To be precise, Ronnie Vannucci (Killers drummer), Tim Rice-Oxley (Keane keyboard player), Winston Marshall (Mumford & Sons banjo player) and Tom Hobden (Noah And The Whale fiddle player). Not only are Mt. Desolation better than each of their respective original bands, they’ve let you download a free track called ‘State Of Affairs’ from their website Mtdesolationofficial.blogspot.com to prove it.

It’s taken from their forthcoming debut album, due out later this year. Good little track innit? Much better than Keane at the very least.

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