Write for me Kanye, tweets J-Lo

It must feel good for J-Lo, now 41 years old and in loved-up married paradise with hubby Marc Anthony, to remind fans that she's still 'Jenny from the block'. In a bid to keep it real and get back to her roots, whilst possibly madly hoping for a winning track to launch her delayed new album, J-Lo has asked Kanye to write her 'THAT song'.

Whilst some fans on the social networking site Twitter requested that Jennifer write another Spanish album, she casually commented that 'it'd be so fun to work with him. Kanye', the Metro Online reveals.

If such a collaboration made in pop heaven (?) was to happen, it wouldn't be the first occasion that J-Lo has scrapped her hair back, donned big bangle earrings and gone all street on us, having created 'I'm Real, the song she recorded with Ja Rule, and Control Myself, the LL Cool J tune to which she contributed.'

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