Wu-Tang's Royalties battle

Wu Tang-Clan are once again bringing that mutha-effing ruckus, only this time it’s among themselves, and instead of being out on the street, they’re giving it to each other through their lawyers in the court room.

Ghostface Killah won a legal judgement for over $158,000 for unpaid royalties from RZA’s Wu-Tang Productions, but RZA (the razor) is appealing the case, and has claimed that he is entitled to the 50 per cent of all royalties that Ghostface is trying to muscle in on.

‘When it comes to the beats of hip-hop, how it carries on to this day is that the producer gets 50 per cent of the composition, and the lyricist, no matter how many, gets the other 50 per cent,’ he said. ‘For them to say that's wrong, and the producer shouldn't get 50 per cent, that means every producer is this industry can now have a potential claim against them from an artist. Remember, we don't sign contracts in studios.

‘They've made millions based on my beats. Songs like Bring Da Ruckus I made two years before they even rapped on it. Songs like Can It Be All So Simple, anybody could have got on that. It had the hook, beat, and the lift from the beginning. They threw their verses on it.’

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