Wy oh Wy?

They've endured a terrible earthquake and massive destruction on the back of years of military rule and civil war. But one man stands poised to lead the people of Haiti to a bright future - er, Wyclef Jean?!

As the former Fugee hasn't stopped reminding us since the tragic earthquake in Haiti earlier this year, he was born in the Caribbean country before moving to New York as a child. Having spearheaded fundraising efforts and wailed uncontrollably all over that terrible charity single, Mr. Clef has reportedly decided to take his work for Haiti a step further and run to take charge.

The current president, Rene Preval, is term-limited from running again. It's not yet clear how much competition 'clef will face, but he's set to announce his run on US chat show Larry King tonight.

In the meantime, Wyclef is reported to be working on his campaign speech, with the intention of killing them softly with his words.

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