Yawn this way

She first tweeted the lyrics in January. Bloggers got an exclusive preview earlier in the week. And now it's out there for the world to hear.

Yes, 'Born This Way' - the first single off the world-eating juggernaut that will be Lady Gaga's third album - is out. And it... kinda stinks.

Now, not everyone agrees with us. Popjustice reckons it's 'amazing.' But to our minds it's a bit thumpy. It goes thump thump thump but there's no off-beat, no rhythmic complexity, so you don't want to actually dance to it, and the vocals seem to belong to a slower song than the backing.

But what do we know? What do you think? And more importantly, what will the video, which will completely and permanently overshadow the song, look like?

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