Yazoo make a comeback!

Alison Moyet and Vincent Clarke made sweet music in an era where a sumptuous, full bodied female voice melted over a bed of yearning synth chords and slow electro pop beats, was considered the ultimate in musical wizadry.

And 25 years - it still is...because Yazoo are the latest Eighties popsters to bosh out a comeback album and gear up for a full world tour!

In Your Room (the new album) is a digitally remastered mix of Upstairs At Eric's and You and Me Both, (the only two albums ever produced during Yazoo's 18 month Eighties partnership,) and will be released in May, followed by the 'Yazoo Reconnected' Live Tour starting in June.

It might have been 'that fame' thing that split them up in the first place, but Moyet and Clarke are confident that this time round they're are both in 'good places' (fame speak for wiser and not as testy) and will 'hit' anyone who says the comeback is just about money.

So if the merest whiff of Only You is enough to send you straight back to slow dancing at the school disco...treat yourself to a stroll down memory lane.

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