Yes, this rumour again

Former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan has said that she is considering reuniting with the original Sugababes, after revealing that she’s been spending time with them while recording her own material. Which would presumably reignite the row over the use of the name, and provide the likes of us with inch after inch of juicy copy.

Buchanan was booted out of the band last September after allegedly being an incredibly difficult diva, and is now working on her solo album. However, Mutya Buena is apparently involved in her old mate’s recording process, while Siobhan Donaghy has been hanging around too. Could it all get Sugary again for the girls?

‘I've recorded over 30 tracks for an album,’ she told The Mirror. ‘Mut will probably feature in there and I've been hanging out with Siobhan too. Whether we all work together I'm not sure. But we're very much friends and looking at what we could do.

‘I never thought I'd be in this situation with the original girls. But it feels very easy and very natural for me.’

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