Yet more Libertines rumours

Pete Doherty has once again got everyone talking about the possibility of The Libertines re-uniting, this time telling anyone who’ll listen that he plans to reform the band in time to play the festival season next year.

‘It's going to happen, you know,’ Doherty said to the NME. ‘I spoke to John Hassall, he's well up for it. He (Gary Powell, drums) said he would (too).’

The only block in the plan is Carl Barat, who has been cagey about the band re-forming ever since it was first mooted. He has said in the past that he won’t take part unless Doherty can prove that he’s beaten his drug addiction, prompting Doherty to suggest – albeit jokingly – that he would think about playing without Barat ‘like he did without me. I'll put an advert in NME: “Carlos lookalike required”.’

Link: http://www.nme.com/news/pete-doherty/46751

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