You what?

As admissions go, this one is a doozy: Pete Townsend has said that he wishes he had never joined The Who, one of the most important bands in the history of British pop, because he reckons he would have done better solo.

The claim, which frankly we think is ludicrous, comes from an interview the guitarist gave with The Who: The Ultimate Music Guide. In it he claims that he would have been better off working like Brian Eno did, flitting around the place from one project to the next, instead of touring the world in a band, slogging himself out on stage every night.

‘What would I have done differently? I would never have joined a band,’ he said. ‘Even though I am quite a good gang member and a good trooper on the road, I am bad at creative collaboration.

‘I would have made a much more effective solo performer and producer working the way Brian Eno has worked. I would be less physically damaged today. My ears, right wrist and shoulder would work more efficiently. In all other respects I am in extremely good shape.’

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