You’re taking the Michael?

Isn’t it depressing that the real king of pop is someone who cannot sing or dance, and whose major personality quirks involve being nasty and always wearing the same clothes?

We’re talking, of course, of Simon Cowell. And as if to underline his dominance in all things pop, it’s been reported that the music mogul is in talks with George Michael to offer the singer a judge’s seat on the U.S. version of The X Factor

The pair met last month, fanning the flames of rumours that the former Wham man would make his comeback as an X Factor judge following years of personal woes, including driving while stoned.

A source told the Sun: ‘George is going to take the job. It's an amazing opportunity to get back in the limelight and reverse his recent bad spell. Simon knows that Americans love him. He is as big in the U.S. as he is over (here).

‘He is a true star and has the wit and experience for the job. It's the perfect platform to resurrect his career.’

Three words for George: Don’t do it!

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