You're wrong Nicola!

Just the other day we reported on Nicola Roberts saying that there would be no Girls Aloud reunion, because they hadn't split. Now Nadine Coyle has turned this discussion of semantics on its head, saying that the band will do a ten-year anniversary reunion next year.

However, as well has being a confusing conversation regarding the meaning of the word 'reunion', it also means that Girls Aloud will be coming back on your stereo, and that can only be a good thing for pop music. So let's rejoice!

'We always discuss doing a ten-year reunion thing,' she said. 'So that's going to be next year. We're definitely going to do something. But it's a whole huge production. Girls Aloud is not just us five, there's, like, us five plus a ridiculous team of 50 who travel with us, it's amazing.'

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